3 reasons to eat a snack

Snacks are an important part of one’s diet. Healthy and nutrient-rich snacks like Spoothie will help you get through the day while still maintaining a feeling of lightness.

Here are three reasons to make Spoothie a part of your nutritional routine today!

1. Improve con­cen­tra­tion

Blood sugar starts to drop 3-5 hours after eating. Low blood sugar can cause irritability and make it difficult to concentrate! By eating a snack between meals, you keep your blood sugar level and your mind sharp. Next time you feel tired at the end of your workday, try a spoonful of Spoothie!

2. Reduce overeating and unhealthy snacking

If the meal interval becomes too long and the hunger sensation becomes overwhelming, one could easily eat too large portions. Also, unhealthy constant snacking increases when we try to curb hunger. Grabbing a snack between lunch and dinner will keep your hunger at bay! However, remember to keep the snacks light.

3. Balanced nutritional values

If you skip a snack, you’re also missing out on important nutrients. A healthy snack brings more fiber, protein and minerals to your diet.

Spoothie, a “spoonable” snack, is a great source of fiber and protein. In addition to improving your own eating habits, you will be contributing to climate change solutions.

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