Buckwheat by-product – from waste to healthy snack


Our fiber-rich by-product comes from our buckwheat milling process. Turning this waste into a healthy snack isn’t the only reason why we chose buckwheat as the base for the Spoothie. Keep reading to find out more of our reasons!

Buckwheat – One of the most ecological crops


Buckwheat is the superhero of crops. It grows well in poor soil conditions. Buckwheat is also an important part of pollinators’ lives. They depend on each other to thrive.

As autumn approaches, buckwheat changes its colour from green to dark red and the pink flowers turn into seeds. These seeds contain all the amino acids important to human consumption. Buckwheat is particularly rich in lysine and contains, for example, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.

Buckwheat is naturally gluten-free and knows for its unique taste

Buckwheat is generally included in gluten-free diet and it is rich in protein and fiber. The taste of buckwheat is quite strong resulting in divided opinions: some don’t taste it at all, while others will immediately notice the smallest amount. In Spoothie, the buckwheat’s taste is very mild because we are using buckwheat by-product! And of course, the delicious flavours of lingonberry and apple & cinnamon make it a tastier experience!